Needle Point Rugs original

Finely stitched, traditional floral designs abound - some contemporary patterns also.

Originally most were a product of Portugal, but now the Chinese have taken over this market almost completely; they make a finer stitch for a lower price, which fineness makes for very elaborate floral designs. You too can have a garden on your floor. For those fans of Portugese designs we still have a few pieces, mostly 6x9 size. Likewise we still have a few crewel stitch rugs. We have about 100 rugs ( too many to show here ) almost all are now one of a kind and not replicable - inquire for sizes and prices.
design "Aubusson" 4x6 $750
"Morning Glory"SOLD
"Lattice" 4x6 $790
"Pink Carnations" 5x7 $850
"Asticou" 3x4.6 $595
Normandy" 4.4x5.8 $990
Needle Point Rugs
Daffodills" 4x6 $750
#4858 4.6x6.6    $950
"Calla Lillies" 6x9 $1950
"Navy Orleans" 6.6x 9 $2090
Bouquets 4x6 $895
"Fleur" 6x9 $2150
Lattice Medallion 4x6  $790
Bordeaux  5.5x8.5 $2050
.French Oval   5x7   $1190
Fine needlepoint "Contempo" approx 6x9
Fine needlepoint 4x6
Aubusson weave
Needlepoint rug - "Kente" 6x9 approx.size    SOLD
Needle Point Rugs
Aubusson "Eden" 4x5.2 $1300
circles #101  8.7 x8.7  $1950
Note - a rare square size  ( rare in any type rug)
Needle Point Rugs
#541  Rose 2.5x3 $220
Needle Point Rugs
Needle Point Rugs
Circles - Regency  8x10    $2450
Needle Point Rugs
Needle Point Rugs
Needle Point Rugs
Needle Point Rugs
Needle Point Rugs
Crewel Stitch - Shiraz  8x10  $1450
Needle Point Rugs
Crewel  - Bows 8x10  $1490
Needle Point Rugs
Crewel   Sarouk  9x12  $1750
Needle Point Rugs
Aubusson Eden  2.6x10  $1525
Needle Point Rugs
Aubusson Satyrs  4.9x6.1  $2975
Note  - suitable as a rug or a wall hanging

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