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Our romanian rugs are traditional designs in beautiful colors handwoven in mountain villages.

We carry remarkable floral rugs from Romania. New rugs had been unavailable for many years and we held our breath as we opened our first bales. To our delight, the rugs are as terrific as the originals, finely woven with lots of subtle shading, including lovely soft greens, salmons, periwinkle, and ivory. Individually woven in rural villages, these gems are country fresh but work well in city interiors too! Available in many sizes, from 2x3 to 9x12, and everything in between, including runners, but supply is limited.
#8608 4x6 $695
#7022 2.3x4.7 $195
#1213 8x10 $1090
romanian leaves
#2607 Leaves 5x7.3 $725
#9417 6.6x10 $990
#4001 Doves 4x6 $420
 #8141 4.2x6.2 $410
romanian 2.6x8 runner
#8598  2.4x4.7 $310  very fine weave
#4431 4x6 $420
#1-3038 2.4x4.6 $195
#0-6003 2x3.3 $145
8x10   $1090   Sold
Extra fine weave #8598 2.4x4.7 $310

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