Tunisian rugs original

Tunisian rugs are finely woven by cooperatives using traditioal designs from the holy city of Kairouan. We also have Gafsa wall hagings and rugs from Southern Tunisia, hand made in bright colorations

Gafsa - a village in southern Tunisia noted for its fine weaving - we have numerous designs, colors and sizes - these can be used either as floor or wall coverings- please inquire]

We still have one or two old Gafsas - in red colorations  - inquire

We have one Blue Mergoum in 10x13 size as pictured in Dec 2012 House Beautiful magazine.


 Gafsa #1336 3.2x3.6 $385



 Gafsa #1343 $520

We have a goodly number of Gafsas; they do either the Camel pattern (above ) or the designs in squares as below. Give us the preferred desin, approx size range, and colors and we can zoom in directly tothe 2-3 acceptable ones.


 Gafsa #0585 5.7x7.9 $650


Mergoum de Kairouan - very fine weave - we have various sizes and designs, all based on the small diamond patterns

Approx sizes 6.6x p.10 $890

8.3x11.6 $1200        10x13 $2190

Traditional Camel pattern - all are different with wonderful colorations. Ask for sizes and prices



Old Gafsa

Older Gafsa 3.4 x5.3 $395 - we have a few other older pieces.

Tunisia Rug

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